Winter Wonderland

For two and a half years now, I have been living in between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek on a beautiful lake called Gull Lake. My life has been mostly pleasant. Last winter, however, I was feeling blue about the apparent stagnation of my life.

This winter is completely different! I am taking four medications. When they were first prescribed, I though to myself, “Here we go. Polluting my body with pharmaceuticals.” I was discouraged. I am used to taking good care of myself. What had gone wrong? Easy enough to answer: Psychosis had struck me out three times, for a whole month each time, just one year prior. The recommended meds were and are: Haldol 5mg, Zooloft 200mg, Cogentin (to counter side effects of the Haldol) 5mg, and Elavil 5mg.

The difference this year is: I am eating healthily, getting enough rest, not stressed about income, and practicing yoga two times a week. Alaric (my three and a half year old) is doing swimmingly. He is in school three half days and recently became thoroughly potty trained. I am not worried about my four older children. Their dad is taking good care of them. Iris and Virginia are both gainfully employed and Liam and Malcolm are doing well in school and life.

So, it’s not just the pills. The meds are necessary. I am thrilled that Dr. Bedi cut my Haldol by half at our last med clinic visit. Looking forward with hope for the future. It might even be a med free one!